Benefits of TTP Accreditation

ACEN accreditation is a voluntary peer-review process intended to enhance and support quality improvement in Transition-to-Practice programs. ACEN accreditation:

  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to best practices and improving patient outcomes.
  • Aids in recruitment of nursing staff.
  • Aids in retention of nursing staff.
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to nursing staff.
  • Fosters ongoing, self-examination, re-evaluation, and focus on the future.
  • Provides recognition that the transition-to-practice program has been evaluated, and periodically re-evaluated, by a qualified independent group of peers and demonstrates the extent to which the transition-to-practice program meets Standards and Criteria specific to transition-to-practice programs.
  • Heightens program educators’ and administrators’ awareness and responsiveness to areas needing improvement in the transition-to-practice program.
  • Engages program educators in best practices related to peer evaluation.
  • Provides opportunities for networking among transition-to-practice programs.